Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Whatever the nature of your dispute, our solicitors will be able to offer practical, cost effective advice which is aimed at resolving a dispute via plain talking, mediation and dispute resolution without the need for proceedings to be issued.

If this is not possible, a seamless service is provided for representation of your case in all Courts and Tribunals. Where a dispute does result in litigation our aim is still to resolve the matter quickly and effectively and to ensure that your right to recover costs against your opponent is preserved. Our advice and strategy will also be focused towards achieving your preferred outcome.

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Contentious Probate & Trusts

Our specialist solicitors handle claims ranging from disputes in relation to estates and wills, where issues in relation to capacity, undue influence, or adequate provision for family members arise to complex trust disputes. Always the focus is on cost effective advice that is designed to assist the parties to the dispute in reaching a resolution so as to minimise any further distress or damage to family relations.

Property Disputes

including landlord and tenant disputes (commercial and residential), contractual disputes with developers, disputes in relation to rights or restrictions affecting land and boundary disputes. Assisted by Hart Scales & Hodges’ experienced Property Department our aim is to identify and achieve the outcome most suited to your specific situation in the most cost effective manner.

Contract Disputes

Whether your supplier is failing to fulfil their part of the contract or your client is refusing to pay you for goods or services we can advise you as to the appropriate course of action most likely to achieve your desired result . Our expert solicitors have years of experience in analysing contracts and advising on the most practical and cost effective means of enforcement. We can also assist you with your debt recovery.

Commercial Disputes

Including Shareholder and Partnership Disputes, breach of warranty claims and claims in the technical Courts, including the Competition Appeal Tribunal.